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A Giving Collaboration

The Rotary Club and Lions Club are collaborating together to create Community Giving Day! In this post we include a variety of ways the Lions Club has contributed to Mecosta County and Big Rapids locally.

For the latest article from the Big Rapids Pioneer, you can follow this link: Big Rapids News

Dave Hamelund of the Lions Club,

The Big Rapids Lions club is normally a very active club with fundraising events spaced throughout the year to provide funds to support to causes that meet the needs of our local community as well as regional and international projects. This year was, to say the least, an unusual year.  All of our normal projects were cancelled. At the same time, the need for a  replacement for “MATCH DAY” in our community was very obvious to some. What was needed was a group to spear head this effort.

The Lions  and the Rotary both realized the need and because both organizations’ ability to raise actual money was reduced, that allowed both of us to go  outside the “normal” and create something new.

The theme for the event  was hatched; if you don’t have money, or talent, the everyone has the same  amount of time. So, you can give that to the NPO’s. A committee was formed to facilitate Community Giving Day 2020

We are proud to offer this day to help support the community!

Keep an eye out for more info on both the Lions Club and the Rotary Club with more information on how they have contributed, and plan to contribute in the future.

We are not far away from December 2nd! Less than a month! We are very excited for this event.

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