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The Collaboration Continues…

The Rotary Club in Big Rapids has been incredibly active in helping local organizations along with the Lions Club. We have included some information directly from Rotary about their most recent contributions from the past couple of years.

Big Rapids Club Activity Highlights 2019-2021

7/9-11/19 Chicken BBQ at the Mecosta County Free Fair 

8/13/19 Annual Mahalo party at Aaron & Sharon’s 

9/7/19 Cadillac Rotary Club White Pine Ride (Dave N. &  

Scott) 9/7/19 Grant Management Seminar in GR (Jim W.) 

9/17/19 Rotary on the Road: Artworks/Three Girls  

Bakery 9/21/19 Highway Road Clean Up on 

10/1/19 Rotary on the Road: Blue Cow Café 

10/1/19 Visit by Rotary District Governor Dave Thomas 

10/16/19 BR Jaycees + BR Rotary + BR HYPE Leadership Meeting at  

Nawal’s 10/19/19Annual District Rotary Interact Conference, North Muskegon  

HS 10/20/19 Rotary Auction Spanish Paella Dinner at Dave Nicol’s place 

10/28/19 Meeting with Jaycees and Big Rapids HYPE to discuss next joint  

venture 10/29/19 Thanksgiving Crew Wine & Walk & Talk at Ruby Tuesday and  

Meijer 10/30/19 Canadian Lakes Coffee & Donuts at Dockside Ice Cream (Jim S.)  

11/12/19 Rotary on the Road: Ferris’ West Campus Community Center 

11/26/19 Bob Sinclair Thanksgiving Meal Giving Day 

12/12/19 Group event w/ Rotary, Jaycees, Lions, and BR Hype: 5:00 at  

Cranker’s 12/12/19 Begin discussions with Lions Club to bring back the Community  

Giving Day 12/17/19 Holton’s LP Food Drive 

12/21/19 Salvation Army Club bell ringing 

1/14/20 Winter Holiday Banquet at The Forager in  

Howard City 4/7/20 First Zoom lunch and Board meetings 

5/13/20 T-Shirt Fundraiser launched (Kati) 

6/16/20 Lunch meetings resume in-person at Northend Riverside Park 

6/16/20 Resume discussions with Lions Club to bring back the Community  

Giving Day 6/30/20 Presidential Transition Meeting: Scott Cohen to Jim Woolen 

Big Rapids Club Donations 2019-21 

Date Grantee Purpose Amount 7/17/19 Monarch Watch BBQ-Bob & Sandy Persons 100.00 7/17/19 Mecosta County Fair Board 2019 Fair Donation 550.00 7/21/19 The Rotary Foundation BBQ Fundraiser-Polio Plus 1,614.33 7/29/19 Grand Valley State University Rotary College Scholarship 500.00 7/29/19 Central Michigan University Rotary College Scholarship 500.00 7/30/19 4-H Fair Pig 841.25 8/1/19 Eastern Michigan University Rotary College Scholarship 500.00 10/15/19 Tuba Bach Musician Sponsorship 500.00 11/8/19 Rotary Rose Parade Rose Parade Donation 50.00 11/26/19 Various Thanksgiving Dinners 3,515.12 12/10/19 Jennifer Avery Christmas Gift 100.00 12/23/19 The Rotary Foundation Raffle Contribution 1,310.00 3/10/20 Open Arms Child Advocacy Grant Award-Furniture 500.00 3/10/20 Mecosta County Conservation Hazardous Waste Donation 500.00 3/10/20 The Pioneer Group Silver Medallion Awards 300.00 3/10/20 Rotary District 6290 Guatemala Literacy Project 250.00 4/13/20 Angels of Action COVID-19 Support Donation 500.00 4/13/20 Our Brother’s Keeper COVID-19 Support Donation 500.00 4/13/20 Salvation Army COVID-19 Support Donation 500.00 4/13/20 WISE COVID-19 Support Donation 500.00 4/22/20 Spectrum Health Workers Hand Lotion for Medical Staff 189.00 5/12/20 Manna Pantry COVID-19 Support Donation 500.00 5/12/20 Project Starburst COVID-19 Support Donation 500.00 5/12/20 Creative Loop Funding for making masks 200.00 6/12/20 Michigan Rehabilitation Services Support Mecosta Co. Vets 500.00 6/17/20 Muskegon River Watershed Assembly COVID-19 Support Donation 750.00 July 2020 Central Michigan University-Local Student Rotary Club College Scholarships 500.00 July 2020 Eastern Michigan University-Local Student Rotary Club College Scholarships 500.00 August 2020 Ferris State University-for local student Rotary Club Scholarships 500.00 August 2020 Mecosta County Kicks for Kids School shoes for kids 250.00 TOTAL $18,019.70

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