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Can we reach $100,000 in Donations?

with your help, we want to try and reach $100,000 in donations this year (folks can still donate on the website until December 31st)! Can you help us share this message so that it gets out to potential donors?

We have a blog post that includes all the information to mail a check to nonprofits. That post is available by clicking here:

You can also click on donation buttons on our home page that include either a link or information for how to donate online or snail mail. Have a look around our home page if you have not done that yet. You will find 29 nonprofits that would love to receive some additional funds in 2020.

Finally, also on both of those links above you can find email links and phone numbers to reach each of the nonprofits.

We appreciate you very much in Mecosta County!! Thank you so much for participating!

Please share share share this information with those you know like to donate before the end of the year and let’s put a total of $100,000 Mecosta County dollars towards our amazing nonprofits!

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