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Four Great Articles to Support NonProfit Organizations!

If you own a nonprofit, you may find these three articles very valuable!

Click on the titles to read the articles!

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models
“With an understanding of these 10 funding models, nonprofit leaders can use the for-profit world’s valuable practice of engaging in succinct and clear conversations about long-term financial strategy.”

16 Fundraising Strategies And Best Practices For Volunteer Organizations
“There is no “one-size-fits-all” fundraising strategy for every nonprofit organization today. However, there are proven, profitable fundraising ideas for nonprofits to sharpen your planning, engage more donors, launch creative fundraising ideas, and — ultimately — increase your financial stability. Here are creative ideas for different types of fundraising you can implement soon.”

Grants, Grants, Grants!
“Funding can be a constant stress for some nonprofits, but this past year has been especially hard.
To help organizations transition into 2021 and set their sights on recovery, we are compiling lists of exciting grants that nonprofits can apply to this year.”

Does advice help your nonprofit? – decision making checklist
“This checklist walks you and your leadership team through practices across three key phases of decision making. These practices can help ensure the outcomes of your decisions align with your organization’s values and impact goals.”

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