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Time to Test Your Donation Link!

We are one month out and this is a perfect time to test your donation links! Ask some questions of your process to make it easy and efficient to receive money on Giving Tuesday!

  1. Which platform are you using to collect donations?
  2. Does the link for donation expire?
  3. Can you receive donations for one month without your link expiring?
  4. How much of a fee are you charged (if any) for donations?
  5. Have you picked your favorite choice for receiving donations online?
  6. Did you do your research?
  7. Do you wish to fundraise for the whole organization or a specific project?
  8. What is the most efficient way for you to get the money to your organization and those who need it?

These questions are very important and will help you get the most out of Community Giving Day in Big Rapids on November 30th but also for Giving Tuesday. We want to help you get your donations!

It’s important now to make sure of the following:

  1. Your social media is showing the date of Community Giving Day, and continues to share blogs and you have liked and followed the page so you are receiving updates.
  2. You are up to date on all of your social media including Instagram and Twitter showing that you are participating in this fundraising event.
  3. Now would be a good time to advertise this event on your website.
  4. Make sure that your email contact list is also aware of this event.
  5. Call your constituents and let them know about the event, and that they can donate in person or online.
  6. Make sure you are prepared to not only receive checks but as mentioned above, online donations make it simple and easy for you to get that extra money from sometimes unexpected sources.

If you are a volunteer or non-profit supporter, please share the information you see on social media, in the news, on the radio etc. We want to make this double the success we had last year and watch Mecosta County Nonprofits soar! Please help by sharing, liking, posting, reposting, word-of-mouth, and even sign language!

Write in the sky if you think it will help get the word out! We support innovation!

November 30th is the date. Click here for the link to the event page

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Current 2022 List of Organizations

Please go to the home page for details about each organization

Angels of Action
Animal Rescue Coalition-ARC
Big Rapids Virtual School
Chippewa Hills Orchestral Society
Cran-Hill Ranch
Eagle Village Inc.
Hope House Free Medical Clinic
Joy First
Life Resources of Northern Michigan
Lord’s Table Food Pantry
Manna Pantry of Big Rapids, Inc.
Meceola Currie Comfort Home
Mecosta Council on Aging/RSVP
Mecosta County Genealogical Society
Mecosta County Habitat for Humanity
Mecosta County Historical Museum
Mecosta County Kids Mental Health
Mecosta Count Sheriff Posse
Mecosta County Toys for Tots
Mid Michigan Honor Flight
Morley Community Center
Open Arms Child Advocacy
Our Brothers Keeper
Project Starburst
Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry/ Jonah Ministry
Recycle of Mecosta County
Riley MacKenzie Fund
SLD Read
Special Olympics Michigan–Area 5 Mecosta-Osceola
St. Peter’s Lutheran School
St. Mary Catholic School
St. Mary/St. Paul Ministry
Stage M
Stanwood Lions Club
TNR Mecosta
Tuba Bach, Inc.
Voca Lyrica
Women’s Information Services, Inc. (WISE)


Join us for Community Giving Day November 29, 2022, will be the opportunity to give to your local non-profits in the Mecosta County Area.

Soon we will have all the 2022 information updated! When that is ready, you can click on the donate button listed with the nonprofit name that you would like to support. you will be directed to their donation link or with instructions on where and how to donate a check by dropping it off at the Eagles Club.


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