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Nonprofits – now is the time to check your links

Dear Mecosta County Nonprofits,

We are so excited that you are participating with us on November 30th, Community Giving Day as part of Giving Tuesday and National Giving Day! We have updated our website to the list of 2021 participating nonprofits and YOU are included! We request that you take some time to check your information as we have it listed. You can follow the checklist below to make sure we have all of your correct information listed so people can begin to send you donations!

Your logo
Name of Nonprofit
Mission Statement
Vision Statement if you have one
Donation link
Email link
Regular Mailing Address
Phone Number if You Added One
All Other Added Details Are Correct for Your Organization

Please email and tell us that you have check for errors. If you DO NOT find any errors please copy and paste the text below and email it to us.

[enter nonprofit name here] I am [enter name here], and I have NOT found any errors on the community giving dot org website and we are ready to receive donations, thank you!!

if you found errors please email us as soon as possible so we can correct the problems! Here is a template you can copy and paste to tell us what is wrong.

[enter nonprofit name here] I am [enter name here], I found an error with my information. Please note that the (email address, web address, link, donation link, or mission statement, vision statement) has an error. It should read this: [here you can put your corrections].

Please use the format above. It will help us immensely as we are trying to help you.

We raised a total of $55,000 last year. This year our goal is to surpass $100,000! We need you to help us do that. Please share our information and your information with your email lists, social media, and friends. With your help we can break some amazing donation records in Mecosta County and help each other move forward.

If you have questions we are here. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you!

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