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Giving Thanks to Our Community

Today on Thanksgiving, we would like to give thanks for that which we are about to receive. For the day of Thanksgiving for the food, the time with friends and family, and the love and gratefulness of the season. Also for the donations of time, treasure and talent that we are about to receive on Community Giving Day. We are grateful for the Mecosta County community and surrounding communities and organizations that help out our county with so much and so many ways to help others.

Let’s give thanks as we receive what we are given and shared with today and for what is to come on November 30th as we come together as a community to support one another on Community Giving Day.

Mecosta County is truly special in the fact that as a smaller town in Michigan the community feel is gigantic – with truly caring people who want to help each other, and scarcity is not an issue here. There are people who struggle more than others, and people who have more than others. In Mecosta County, we share. We share the spotlight, we share the love and we share what we have with each other. That’s why we love it here.

We love those that share. We love those that can step aside and help each other look good, not just during the holiday season but every day. We love those who can collaborate, and understand the value of many people rising up and not just one.

We are Mecosta County

We are the people who can share the light, treasures, and talent with each other.

We are the best of the best hearts, minds. souls and fortunes.

Because we give to each other. And that’s exactly why we love it here.

Please help by sharing this post today while you are waiting for desert during your meal and let’s all share with each other and show the world how Mecosta County is special!

Best wishes to you and your family

Happy Thanksgiving

PS All of the videos created by the 34 nonprofits are viewable on Facebook

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