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Giving Tuesday Offers Ideas for Once in a Lifetime!

This blog post from the folks at Giving Tuesday discusses the last year, increased giving, and how 501c3 organizations are working within the crises.

“Along with all these challenges, comes what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: With all this volatility, we saw a reversal of the damaging trend of donor consolidation in the sector. For the first time in a long time, we saw more givers in the system. Acquisition by organizations was up and more Americans were donating to charities.”

Nonprofit organizations are in a position to co-create right now, it’s up to each organization to produce the efforts to find the funding, and the funding is out there!

This year, I have been repeatedly asked questions along the lines of “What are the donors going to do this year?” My response: “What are you going to motivate them to do?” Prior to 2020, it was clear that there was more elasticity in the donation economy than many realized. We see this when extremes in disaster relief activity don’t cannibalize other giving and we see this every year when GivingTuesday does the same.
Our 2020 U.S. Giving Survey showed that the more concerned givers were about the effects of COVID-19, the more likely they were to take action by giving. While financial uncertainty impacted donors’ ability and willingness to give, the opportunity to help with charitable giving was a motivator for donors. SOURCE

In Mecosta County, we need to be careful, as in anywhere else. Belief in a caring, abundant economy is the first step. If people allow themselves to spend time in scarcity belief systems, then that’s how people act.

The scarcity mentality leads to self-defeating approaches due to fear of “competition”.

As we approach the date – Let’s work together to reduce the scarcity especially during these times, to find the abundance capable in all of us to donate time, treasure and/or talent, to help others and support this amazing community. It’s all about perspective!

For more wonderful information from this article please click here to read the truths, and myths about this years’ potential.

Lastly and very importantly,

Collaboration is Key!

We get a better result when we work together to uplift the sector. GivingTuesday was the single biggest day for donor acquisition in 2020, but that’s not the only day we can support each other. We can all use the energy that comes from feeling like we’re not in it alone. So, recognize that other causes and other giving are not your competition and pull together.

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