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WOW! What an amazing event!

We did it! Another Community Giving Day success is on the books! We are looking forward to getting details together that we can share, and so far, this month we reached ½ the population of Big Rapids on social media (HUGE SUCCESS) – we made it through another year of COVID with your help (ASTRONOMICAL SUCCESS) and you continue to donate to your nonprofits for the next month (GALACTIC SUCCESS)!

Thank you to all of our nonprofits for participating! Thank you to Lerner Csernai & Fath Financial Group for their hourly donations, to RAIR for their contribution of 34 lunches for our nonrpofits, and to Continental Home Center for their donation of the big TV for use during the event!

Of course! This would not have happened without the Big Rapids Lions Club and Big Rapids Rotary and the Eagles 2535! Katy BEE LLC provided all of the zoom, media, social media, video, radio and digital support and design for this event. and a Huge thanks to Robyn, Dave, Scott and Glen.

We would also like to thank Commissioner Wendy Nystrom for coming to the event and proclaiming Community Giving Day for Mecosta County! Dr Mayor Fred Guenther Showed up to the event as well and has been a wonderful addition to Big Rapids!

Finally – Robyn Stratton – who charged through the day for 7 hours nonstop carrying the event day – is a rockstar.

Thank you to all of our organizations that participated and we are excited to see the results of our efforts.

If you would like to continue donating this year, you can do so until the end of the month! All donation buttons will be live until the end of 2021. Keep donating, keep sharing, keep helping this event grow and the community along with it.

Thank you again!

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