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So Far $103,000, Let’s Keep Going!

We at Community Giving Day are so grateful for the contributions this year! We have raised $103,000 for these organizations, who are also so grateful! Thank you very much for helping us get so close to our goal on Giving Tuesday! Please continue to share this information, and with all of our neighbors, friends, and social media accounts so that we can reach our goal of over $120,000. 100% of your contributions go toward the nonprofits of your choice to help Mecosta County directly and locally. Your contributions mean more than just a gesture. You could be saving lives, feeding children, saving animals, clothing families, supporting the amazing local arts, and more!

As the year of 2021 ends, we remember the challenges, and the successes and the rewards. When you contribute to Mecosta County, you contribute directly to your neighbors.

Thank you for participating in Community Giving Day, for helping your community members and helping yourselves make Mecosta County and Big Rapids a place to love!

We need to thank all of those organizations that helped us make this happen!

Big Rapids Lions Club
Big Rapids Rotary Club
Big Rapids Eagles 2535
Lerner, Csernai, & Fath
Continental Home Center
Carleen Rose SUNY 97
Band of Locals
Big Radio Network
Y-102, 100.9 Big Country
Diane Scarpelli
9 & 10 News
Robyn Stratton
Kate McGlynn
(Katy BEE LLC)
Richard Scott Cohen
Glen Pepper
Dave Hamelund
Mayor Fred Guenther
Commissioner Wendy Nystrom
Lea Lynburg
Roy Trehan
St. Mary’s Kids
Brad Fath
Rob and Louise

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