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Let’s Keep Donating through December 31st

What better way to continue Community Giving Day than to keep giving until the end of the year. Need a tax break? GIVE! Need a feel good moment? GIVE! Do you know someone who could benefit from some of these services in Mecosta County? GIVE! Don’t forget as well, time, treasure and talent. It’s not all about the cash.

Are you a nonprofit in need of donations or volunteers? You can use our Facebook page or social media to announce your goals or your needs to a wide audience. We are here to help spread your word.

Click on the home page at Community Giving Day dot Org

And support your local nonprofits. It’s a win-win! You get a tax break for a cash or online donation, and the nonprofit is able to do more good here in Mecosta County!

There is a ton of information about each nonprofit! You can read their missions statements on the home page, you can see their video that explains more about them, you can email them and ask specific questions, you can watch their interviews as they come up – they are currently being posted on Facebook from the live event on November 30th. You can click on their logo and go to their website, you can call them as well and find out more information on exactly what they need most.

Your donations are helping everyone, and is truly a winning situation with the holidays coming, families are in need of food and Christmas gifts. So, if you have something to share, now is a great great time to support your favorite nonprofits, and don’t forget a cash donation gets you a tax deduction for 2021.

Thank you for supporting Mecosta County nonprofits! (Image from The Pioneer Newspaper)

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