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How You Can Contribute

So we are two weeks away from the end of our Community Giving Day event! You can donate until the end of the year by going to the Community Giving Day home page to contribute money online, or you can use the home page to get contact information for any of the nonprofits that you may want to plan contributions like:


Do you have special skills that you would like to share with individual nonprofits? Can you help their marketing campaign during the year, or can you cook, or sew, or offer your hobby to help out? Do you have specialty services that you do anyway, like accounting, or building something, or animal skills? Any of these organizations would love to have you help out!


Each organization has special needs that you can just show up and do! Food pantries need help preparing outgoing packages for their recipients, educational organizations may need help with tutors or preparing for the school semester, and maybe they just need someone to be available for questions or be at a service desk helping customers.


Of course all of these organizations need to continue to receive donations throughout the year. You can help now by contributing to the Community Giving Day efforts by the end of the year for your tax break, but also, throughout the year they continue to need funding.


All in all, we appreciate all that everyone does to keep Big Rapids together as a community and Mecosta County available to help those in needs. Can you help? Absolutely! Please share with your friends, and community members this home page and offer them to just look, feel inspired, and help out if they can!


We thank you, and all the orgs on our list thank you for all your support! We know the orgs are so grateful for your support!! By helping any of these organizations you are helping Mecosta County to thrive! And continue to thrive into the future!

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