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For our nonprofits, the next two days are very valuable!

Did you know, that from the 29th to the 31st of December, nonprofits receive 10% of their total annual giving. That’s 10% of the entire year’s donations in the last 3 days! You can be a part of this wonderful trend for nonprofits!

We have provided a list of the nonprofits involved with Community Giving Day below, and you can go to our website to do your end-of-year donation OR contact the nonprofits themselves directly!

Can you be a hero to a noprofit? YES! You can contribute to the most valuable time of year for each of them, and get a tax deduction for yourself too! Why wait?

The year is about to end, this has been a tough year with COVID, canceled fundraisers, funds that normally would come in going to homeschooling, and other family necessities due to the Coronavirus. It’s time to help out these nonprofits that have helped so many during the pandemic in 2021.

You two can support the greatest time of year for these nonprofits.

They appreciate you, we appreciate you, Big Rapids appreciates and Mecosta County and everyone that benefits from your generosity in the area – and you and these nonprofits help so many people!

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