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Our YouTube Channel is Up and Running!

Want to revisit the local nonprofits in Mecosta County? Want to learn more during the rest of the year how you can help by volunteering, or participating with our nonprofits? You can either go straight to the information on the website here to find information or you can go find the video associated with each nonprofit and listen to their interviews on our Youtube Channel.

Our nonprofits worked very hard leading up to Giving Tuesday and they work all year around to provide for homeless, to help stray animals, to bring health care and family services all over Mecosta County to name just a few!

Who would think that in our small community in Mecosta County there are so many nonprofits there to help out!?!

As we keep mentioning, we are incredibly grateful for all of the organizations we have, and that they continually work to bring needed services to our community.

Thank you! And if you have some extra time, they can use volunteers as much as they can use money. Go check out how you can help! Or learn more on our new YouTube Channel!

Each nonprofit video is uploaded to youtube
All of the Community Giving Day interviews are also uploaded there.

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